Spouse Nation helps military spouses to grow personally and connect to industry while navigating their career path.


Spouse Nation

Military spouses are from all walks of life, every ethnic group, every age, and every race.  We are caregivers, we are homemakers, and we are entrepreneurs.  We are educated, we are ambitious, we are resilient, and we are industrious.  Even though we are all these things, we still struggle to maintain a chosen career with the demands of this military life.

Some of us were “born into” this life and understand the demands of this lifestyle.  But understanding the demands does not make managing these challenges any easier.  Each generation of those “born into” this lifestyle faces new challenges that we continually rise to meet.

Many of us are “sworn into” this life as well.  Those that wear the uniform still have to manage the challenges of military life but from a different perspective.  Spouse Nation includes our veteran spouses once they decide to take off the uniform. 

There are those of us that “married into” this lifestyle.  
We hear the phrase all the time that we “knew what we were getting ourselves into”.  The answer is that, yes, we did know what we were getting ourselves into, but that knowledge does not make the challenges any easier to manage.  We face them head-on because that is what we do.  We lean on our support systems.  We reach out to our tribe for advice and counsel. We plug into the installation resources and education when it is available.  All of this helps but, when it comes down to it, we roll up our sleeves and make it happen, if we really want it.   

We, those that have been "born into" , "married into", or "sworn into" this life, have a story to tell and insight to offer from the perspectives and the experiences we have all gone through.

Spouse Nation - powered by Military Spouse Jobs - gives you that forum. 

Rewriting the narrative of the military spouse employment journey means telling those stories and sharing those perspectives so those on this journey may learn from our victories and challenges.  Spouse Nation wants spouses to speak with their own voices from all the different walks of life we come from.  We have a lot of people saying they speak for us but we think that spouses can speak for themselves.  So, SHARE, MENTOR, and help others GROW on this journey.  Whether the goal is preparing for employment, finding a career, or just finding some direction, a “Nation” of military spouses may have the answers many are seeking to unlock the puzzle of the military spouse employment.

A little bit of what you'll find around here

A community to SHARE ideas, resources, and solutions on employment and careers.

Coaching and mentorship programs that support your career needs and personal goals.

Programs that support individual GROWTH towards personal and professional career goals, to include assessments to validate skills, certification/training courses to learn new skills or hone old skills, direction building and navigating networks, internships and gig work to keep skills current, and more.

One-on-one job placement and career progression assistance for spouses who are ready to look for work. 

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